Yasiin Bey: “F*ck off ISIS” on Paris attacks, imperialism and colonialism

“The problem is people’s lack of compassion and care for themselves, for their fellow human beings…And that’s what gets all of this nonsense going. We don’t treat each other well and we need to treat each other better than what we are doing.“

“By the way, we are already in outer space. We’re already HERE on this space ship earth, propelling, spinning all the time. Everything we need is here.
Earth is efficient, but if we don’t do right by each other we will eliminate ourselves.”

“They’re trying to drive people into a state of high stress, so people don’t have the space to really slow it down, love themselves, and love one another. And work their problems out for themselves because guess what? We’ve got the answers within us.”

Listening to certain points expressed throughout the Yasiin Bey interview with Ferrari Sheppard regarding the recent Paris shooting and the global response that erupted, “Fuck Of Isis” remind me of this writing of mine from last year. This powerfully-spoken interview resonates, deeply.
Everyone should take a few minute to truly listen and open their minds. We are spoon-fed our information, every day through these screens and so comfortable that we tend to accept whatever we are shown by the media, without questioning and diving deeper. Or, we detach completely and go on with our booze and simple minded activities. The deception is real and everything happening all over the world now is connected. It is important to read between the lines of what is actually taking place. Seek out information from multiple sources.

I encourage you to listen to these points and process them for yourself.

EDIT: Link to Transcribed Interview



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