Tiron & Ayomari – The Great New Wonderful LP (+Visual)

Tiron & Ayomari are doing something really cool with their new album, The Great New Wonderful, one I’ve anticipated since following The Wonderful Prelude parts 1 & 2. I believe these are necessary artists that have come about time because of the enlightening messages they so thoughtfully incorporate into each their projects. I deeply appreciate many of the ideas being explored and questioned throughout this one, including self identity, love, comfort zones, and change -to name a few. It is refreshing to have music to go to which reminds of the good things you are, and of your potential when you feel hopeless and paralyzed by events of life, while also happening to sound uplifting! I also like that Tiron & Ayomari show us things universally, reminding that we are all similar, regardless of the issues we face socially and internally. That is an important message, I feel.

The Great New Wonderful inadvertently challenges the current ego-thriving hip hop approach which dominates air waves. The album is also a visual work of clips that have been curated by Tiron & Ayomari and edited by Vic Brown. I suggest playing the visual as well, for an expanded perception of the music itself. You can purchase The Great New Wonderful on iTunes. Support this art and enjoy!

The Great New Wonderful Visual Album



★v i b e s★vibrate★vibrating★v i b e s★ This is foR t h e souL .