Freely Observing

I have practiced living freely lately. What does it mean to live freely? I notice that most people think of it in terms of financial stability. Being able to buy whatever you like and go wherever you like because you have all of the money you’ve ever dreamed of is what those in this age consider freedom. This is fair, but I am happier than ever while being far from my financial goals. So, what do I mean exactly?

When I say FREELY, I mean living, breathing, walking around with acknowledgement of mental blocks that threaten to stop me from doing what I want, whatever it maybe.

Fear is an example a block that once upon a time, and in fact still shows up to stand in the way of my moving forward with an idea or whatever presents itself. The difference is that I am great with facing fear. I am stronger than previously because I realized that my own fear is given life by myself. It is constructed within me. We tend to fear anything that we have a lack of control over, therefore giving control to fear. Fear usually comes about when we are presented with situations which requires that we surrender a bit of our control and take a leap. I know too many people who let fear stop them from doing what they want to do TODAY and I have been right there with them too many times.

I wake up and design my day on the spot and the events come together beautifully, greater than I imagined. It’s like I’m living my own movie!

It’s not about eliminating goals and not putting in work. This is not what I am glorifying in the least. For me, it’s about eliminating stress and allowing space for something both unexpected and PERFECT to happen to me. Think about this because it seems that everything exciting or somehow notable that happens to me happens at very close intervals as of late. I don’t believe in coincidence. I am putting myself out there to people (including you as a reader) and the response is amazing. Today I feel that am taking the reins of my destiny. I have realized exactly who I am and I hope to show you that every thing we can think of and dream is possible. I am learning this and experience this every moment of the day.

I decided to create my destiny along a slightly more difficult, yet ultimately rewarding path, which is, nurturing my art. Around this edifying point in my existence, I find myself coming into being after being who mirror myself in such ways. It’s destiny. It’s love. It’s MAGIC.

Follow your heart. Anything you might find yourself constantly thinking of is probably something you need to listen for and manifest. Play with it and notice the magic that follows!



★v i b e s★vibrate★vibrating★v i b e s★ This is foR t h e souL .