Make way for the new. . .

New ideas, new ambitions, new manifestations! New VIRGO Moon!
Today I am searching for a piece of mind that is weightless. I am searching for weightlessness so that I might fill it with energy of the greatest channeling I have ever done.
If you are anything like I can be, you might constantly imagine ways to make yourself better. And if you’re even more like me, you tend to struggle with the manifestation of what you come up with every now and then. Sometimes I feel these blocks have a lot to do with having so much happening at once. Do you ever feel that way? Not just distracted, but as if your ability to focus on expanding the things you want to be expanding is suddenly so blurred compared to when you began. And you’re like:

Candace, get a grip! Reclaim your FOCUS!

My birthday was over the weekend. Birthdays never meant much to me growing up due to my religion at the time, but as I got older, it became like a marker for a new year. I know many of us love to compare our current position to where we were last year. That’s actually not the case for me this year. This year I feel I have more vision than I did last year. My main project is growing through the work of my heart and soul and I truly believe that once it is complete, my life will change forever. So, instead of comparing, I only felt the instantaneous need to remove any clutter from both my physical surroundings AND my ever busy mind.
Lately, I’ve felt that there is a bigger correlation between the the two than we think. I have been going through all of my personal items in my home, determining what is useful to the version of myself that I am NOW, rather than who I was or holding to anything that might be of use later. I actually do this a few times a year with my stuff. Let me say, ladies, my closet would make a nice little thrift store. I’m going to do a yard sale this time instead of handing it over to thrift as I usually do. That will be a nice way to end the summer.

But the relevance of this is that this time around, I am willing to let more go. : )
I realize that many human beings make a habit of holding onto the smallest thing simply because of the idea behind it. It could be ages since we’ve made use of it or “plan” to.
“Aw I hate this sweater but Aunt Jenn gave it to me and she’s so sweet! I’ll just stuff it back here and overlook it for years to come.” and “Oh this used to be my favorite…etc”
We like to hold onto anything that we can preserve. What happens then? We end up with space that could be filled by what we could use being taken by what we don’t use. The same goes with our thoughts. It’s amazing how this works internally and externally here in the 3D world.

The other amazing realization I had about this mission that I woke up intent on fulfilling yesterday is that it aligns with the energies brought on by the New Moon, which also began yesterday. I read up on the new phases last night and was amazed by the connection. I’ll never not be amazed by the design of this universe and our direct link to it. The more I learn, the more free I feel from the structure and man-made rules of the world. Reality is too magical to live a structured and mundane existence. It’s liberating to know our connection and what we are truly capable of as individuals and a group. This is why I study what I study. Healthy foundations are so important to our growth. So, to all, good luck with your new manifestations! I’m here working beside you. Meanwhile, I’ll be back to share LOTS of inspiring new music and visual I’m into this month! ✌



★v i b e s★vibrate★vibrating★v i b e s★ This is foR t h e souL .