Junglepussy Video – Nah

I woke this morning feeling like today would be a great one and the universe proves me right with all of the amazing energy coming my way. Also, the world has been blessed with a new visual from the “brown hottie with a body” herself, JP!

Junglepussy is the current artist who I find myself continuously sharing with friends and acquaintances, itching to turn people on to her movement. Every time I do mention her to someone new, I get a similar reaction. They’re all shocked by the name and a comical discussion about it follows. Personally, I think her name is pure genius and the beautiful thing is that her music lives up to the energy it prompts.
A few months ago, Junglepussy released her impressive debut project Satisfaction Guranteed through a stream on VICE’s soundcloud. This one was an instant favorite. It left me wanting more of her perspective. I believe this woman will be a major pioneer in this upcoming generation of highly influential artists. Below you’ll find the c o l o r f u l new video she just released for Nah, which is directed by The Suspects. Also, I suggest following her on twitter because her words shared are also instant classics. Enjoy, my loves!




★v i b e s★vibrate★vibrating★v i b e s★ This is foR t h e souL .