This morning, I caught a lovely Sunday morning vibe and followed it to my favorite ndeluv music. And then I wondered, as I do every time I listen to this particular artist, if he would be releasing something soon. I suppose that it’s natural for me to recall how he’s previously shared many gems at close intervals, such as Love Songs and Homade Bongs, #hoodmusic, playazworld, #8911, LUVYEAR, two other volumes of Summer Jamz, and #RIPRnB. His self-produced sounds are always pure, feel good, and fresh while also nodding to classic 90’s r&b and hip hop songs, here and there. With this influx of new generation artists in the spotlight, ndeluv – now INDIELUV, has been one of those expected to gain a broad audience. I honestly feel this way about everyone I write about here, on the Frolic.

In my curious search, I came upon this third volume of Summer Jamz I am streaming below. This was revealed only a day ago via thatstreal. I enjoyed every moment of this project. A few of these songs are already played often from INDIELUV’s independentluvrevolution profile. Some of my current favorites are ALLOVERME, LOFI, LOLOW, SMS, STRCXDLUVRS, ROUNDS, and RIGHTNOW. Follow the link for a full free download. Enjoy!




★v i b e s★vibrate★vibrating★v i b e s★ This is foR t h e souL .