I have been listening to this ultra special project almost about every day since it dropped! It features Babe Slayer, Aly Cabral, Alexxx Sin$, Den Sy Ty, Ankhten Brown, Rh Xanders, Black Melona, Asign, Dreamboii Leonardo, Sextilian, and Luminnah. I am convinced that the more you listen to Manila Ice: Vol. 1, the more you’ll want to play this music over and over as well. This is so transcendent, that I was not sure where to start with describing how I enjoyed processing this music and what it represents. So, sharing straight from the heart,I connect with every song and the blissful, albeit changing moods I find myself in with every listen. My current favorites are Show Me With Your Body, Kikoxxx, However You Want Me, Seána, Hashtags, Boyfriend Material, Pineapple Pizza, That’s What They All Say, and Would You Do The Same For Me. All of this music appeals to different parts of me and it is all thoughtful and “eel-good. Eyedress is my most revisited musical discovery, as of late. My favorite thing is Babe Slayer’s smooth vibe. This project will put you in a great mood at any time of the day. Please hear and feel what I mean for yourself! I would love to hear more reactions. Feel free to share yours, if you have a moment.



★v i b e s★vibrate★vibrating★v i b e s★ This is foR t h e souL .