Xavier Isme – Monotone

Deciding to dive into writing the frolic has introduced me to many inspirational voices. I always reflect on this because it both humbles and energizes me each time I receive a wonderful new submission. It’s another strong reminder that you recieve what you put out. This particularly gifted sixteen year old rapper who I decided to give a listen recently surprised me. Xavier Isme’s newly released song Monotone touches on the topic of identity. He expresses his own struggle while channeling the conflict encountered when deciding who you are and trying to fit into public personas. Topics like this are close to my heart and are especially important to address in this digital age, where we have so many social networks that people use to reflect their own identity while being exposed to others’ opinions about any and everything. It would seem that we are all critics these days, and this can lead to a lot of confusion and harsh judgement on ourselves. I feel this one to be a breath of fresh air, as it encourages people to be themselves regardless of what others think.

I hope you enjoy it like I do and follow the links to hear more of Xavier Isme’s latest projects!




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