Words from my heart as translated by my souL

What a life! I’ve been thinking about updating every day, but my reality just took a few spins over the past month. I’ve been taking everything in and deciding how to work with all I’ve been given. 2014 is really an exciting year already! I felt that now is the perfect time to do some spilling into this digital universe I have here.

While things are looking unexpectedly amazing in my work life, my love life blows. I admit to being fresh out of the pan with this post! Days like these, when it’s pouring rain and there’s nothing to do but hang inside with my family and friends, recording begins. They have been recording music for a few hours now. A few of those closest to me are dying to hear me on an actual track. It is funny to hear people talk about my voice suddenly, after years of hiding away in my room singing to myself. But this transition into singing openly is also intimidating. I did get inspired to write suddenly, after being left alone while everyone went into their own zone and recorded their verses.

I just wrote this an hour ago. It started as another memo to myself. A release. A reminder. Somewhere in the middle, it became a little melody in my head. I cried by the end of this, and while singing it for the first time. Then I smiled and saluted myself afterwards because it’s my current favorite of many personal melodies I’ve been spewing as of late.


Brother said he wants to get his self back
Meanwhile I’m feeling emotional impact
This is so wack
Yesterday was a beautiful day til it wasn’t
You know how it goes
The turning point of a show
U turn boomerang
Back to feeling insane
Balancing being fine and in pain
So anyway,
It had finally rained So hard
And I was so happy til it turned hard
Boy he blew me away
Changed my whole day
I was so excited to play with him
I spend some days in a daze, in my head
Where I’m laying with him
And boy does he slay
You you you slay me
Who knew this love you give could be a chain to enslave me
That’s how deep it cuts every time, I think
So deep I wrote this rhyme
To escape you
Or sink



★v i b e s★vibrate★vibrating★v i b e s★ This is foR t h e souL .