Willow Smith – Female Energy (Freestyle)

First, I would like to share that my week is starting off beautifully! Cheers to making it through the retrograde with my head on straight. I am happy to have completed something which I have thought to do for years, but held myself back out of fear and anxiety associated with it. After months of trial and error, I have reached my goal and I am proud of myself. I want whoever comes across this to remember that you will only go as far as you allow yourself to go. Nothing is absolute, and you can touch anything you focus on. It is easy to give up on the things we find to be challenging, but in the end, the level of the challenge is only what you decide it to be. It’s important to remember this.

On to today’s ear candy, courtesy of one of the Smith kids. Willow Smith has been able to spark my curiosity at random since her early days, when I’d hear her song regularly, while working in a stressful clothing store. She was around nine years old at the time, but sang with Rihanna-esque skill. Amongst the others on that playlist, Whip My Hair was one I looked forward to hearing because it reminded me of party time! It was always funny to remember the youth of the voice that could lift my spirits like that while I was at work.

With every song she releases, Willow seems to step more into her own interesting sound. Another time I noted this was when she dropped a song under a group named Melodic Chaotic, which really was the first hint that she was not leaning toward being the typical Disney-like child star that everyone expects. Then there was 5, and her new song, a freestyle produced by AzZi called Female Energy, shows her growth and the undeniable potential to cross so many lines with her music. I forget that she’s barely hit her teens! It is no surprise that the Smith kids are beyond their years with parents as awesome as theirs (just watch one of her Dad’s interviews!)
The song gave me a Jhene vibe as soon as it starts, and my ears were proven right when she borrows a few lines from the Jhene Aiko song The Pressure half way through. I’m excited to hear more frequency-raising music from Willow. I hope you enjoy it as well.



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