thestand4rd LP

thestanda4rd decided to drop a self-titled album on us, for free. In a recent post, I gushed over the mystical visual for this super group’s lead-single, without knowing their plans to release a complete project. They then announced a tour, which I am excited to witness next week at The Roxy in Los Angeles, only days after Flying Lotus and days before FKA Twigs! While festivals cover the rest of the seasons, the Fall time is the most active for unique live shows, I’ve noticed.

thestanda4rd is what happens when four unexampled up-coming artists decide to collaborate with some assistance from Dock Mckinney. Dock Mckinney is responsible for two of my favorite projects by The Weeknd to date. Allan Kingdom’s chants open the album with Binoculars, which acts as introduction to who they are, stapling them as “the kids with computers and genius ideas” who were laughed at but remain intent on progressing to where the “big boys” are, so to speak. The thing I appreciate most about thestand4rd guys is the vibe that they are not afraid to be themselves. I feel like the flashiest thing about them is their art and this is important to have in music. I don’t visualize their taste in clothes, cars, or any other aesthetics when taking in their sound. Decisions and Trynna fuk are two favorites and the first songs I heard by the group. Some others I fell for instantly are Pretty, Vital Signs, the curiously titles AsapRockyTypeBeat, and Victims. Enjoy, and keep up with these guys! The download link can be found via soundcloud.



★v i b e s★vibrate★vibrating★v i b e s★ This is foR t h e souL .