Mind Noise

I have been reliving that awkward first moment when one of your most replayed songs is the one with your own voice on it! I wonder if I will get used to it.

This feels like a good time to share the recurring themes I have noticed as of late. I find myself frequently inspired, and the wonderful thing is that the inspiration comes to me in many forms. For instance, the Flying Lotus show which I attended at The Wiltern was everything amazing that I expected, but there was something he said about how the things we create make us immortal that truly hit me at the right moment. It echoes in my mind, still. I have been familiar with this idea, but I did not consciously apply it to myself because I feel like being a creator who shares themselves is a big responsibility. I would think: what if I am not good enough to leave bits of my soul naked to an audience? A big part of undoing this habitual thought process in my head was by creating this site.

One night, I began to write out this particular idea that came to me. Only a few lines in, I suddenly remembered the cut-out ad that I was given by my mother, about a month ago. It was a simple looking advertisement for a Poetry Contest. When I first saw it, I was intrigued while not being overtly anxious to submit anything that I have. I write often, but it is a bit of a therapy for me. The only writing of mine that I would take seriously is for the special story I am developing. So, I set it aside and told myself “This would be great, but I’ll just let it happen if it is supposed to.”
And then sometime last week, it so happened that I would write this poem titled Circles.
I looked at the ad again during my writing and decided that it is the poem I was supposed to submit. I knew this especially when I met the exact line requirement for the contest, without trying! After I showed it to my parents later, who are the poets that inspired me when I was young, my dad was so moved by it that he drew a photo for me. I love that feeling. This poem is personal and powerful, to me. I hope to share it with you all once the results of the contest come through.

A few days ago is when the main topic of this post developed. This came about as an experimental thing I’d done on garage band with a freestyled verse of mine. The song is called Mind Noise, after the instrumental which magically fit with my verse. After recording only two takes, I’d made this very raw, demo-like recording. When I listened back, I was a bit amazed by myself. The quality isn’t great because I’m not a professional and I did this on my laptop, but I hope you enjoy what I have thus far!



★v i b e s★vibrate★vibrating★v i b e s★ This is foR t h e souL .