Real Chill Mix (+Download)

I felt like compiling a new list of some new and old tunes many people might not have heard before. After creating Female Intuition Is So Next Level and Beautiful Things Worth Saving, I realized how much I enjoy the role of a mixer. And so, I came up with this latest one. I stopped to dance and jam a lot in the process of blending the Real Chill Mix. I put it together so that I have something new to play, this weekend. I hope you enjoy it. THe beginning clip is one of many intriguing dialogues from the movie Before The Sunset.

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1. Muhsinah – Lose My Fuse
2. TLC – Silly Ho (K. Remix)
3. Eyedress – Make Up Sex
4. Panda Devieux – Jus Vibe
5. Tiffany Villarreal – Go To Work
6. Abra – Roses XOXO
7. KT – Thought I Told Ya
8. 3TiMEz – Indigo by 10ille [C&S]
9. INDIELUV – luvindie
10. D.K. the Punisher – .drugs by Anderson Paak Remix
11. Tinashe – Wrong
12. BBHollogramz – Problems
13. Crystal Rose – Distractions
14. Tavi – Your Mind
15. GOLDCHENEY – sittin Feat. LOE
16. Sy Smith – Welcome 2 Syberspace
17. Stwo – Full Moon by Brandy Remix
18. Soulstice – Goog Organ
19. Soulstice – Andromeda
20. Teedra Moses – Something Real
21. Phlowvibes – Good Care Feat. Jayflash

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