Purple Ferdinand’s Dragon Fly EP

We are fortunate to be exposed to the internet, because those like myself get to discover amazing artists based across the country and seas who I might otherwise hear about years from now, if ever. Some of my favorite musicians are coming from the U.K., such and Etta Bond, Little Simz, Rainy Milo, and this latest feature, Purple Ferdinand. Even Full Crate and Mar (Netherlands) join the grip of artists coming out of Europe whose sounds pull at me greater than half of the artists ruling America’s urban/pop radio record.

So, onto Purple Ferdinand. With one look at this girl, even with her gloriously inked skin and style, her gentleness is enchanting. She’s a sweet paradox. This shows through her smooth and soulful voice, but all in all, it is her lyrics and the simplicity of her production that stirs my appreciation. Honesty trumps all because that’s where we all connect most, no? The strum of her ukulele on both “Blind For You” and “Beautiful Anomaly” won me over and I’ve been patiently waiting for some new work ever since. I’m excited to deliver some of her latest work released this month from her forthcoming EP called The Dragonfly EP. I’ve been dying to see her live, hopefully this will happen soon with this release.

FREE EP DOWNLOAD: www.purpleferdinand.com


Speak True


Beautiful Anomaly

Blind For You



★v i b e s★vibrate★vibrating★v i b e s★ This is foR t h e souL .