Project Feed: L.A. needs Vendors! (updated June 19th)

I’ll soon update this post with more details, but a friend of mine along with over forty other people (including myself and we’re growing!) will partake in a 2-Day fundraising event to feed the homeless residents of Los Angeles. This will be Project Feed’s very first festival here in Los Angeles and the people need all of the help we can get.

We want artists and business owners of all sorts to partake in this event. I know that I’ve always wanted to contribute of something as beautiful and BIG as this will be and as with everything else this year, my dreams are coming closer. We are prepping a 60-day donation challenge in which we gather sponsors who will help our cause in whatever way they can by donating their time and skills. Are you a painter and want to sell your art with the greater portion of the proceeds going straight into feeding the homeless? Any products you might want to showcase and sell are welcomed. Again, this event is all donation based. Come and aid the unfed men, women, and children in our streets.

You can read the mission statement below and reach us on Facebook at Project Feed: L.A.

Mission Statement:

A group of culinary professionals have teamed up to contribute their knowledge and skills in an effort to help Project Feed: L.A. Project Feed is a stepping stone to helping our own neighbors, friends, community, relatives, and society. Project Feed is the beginning of targeting poverty in our cities. We will start at a small level and grow with the help and participation of volunteers. This is going to be a 2-day fundraising event where Chefs work hands on with small non-profit organizations to teach young people who strive for an opportunity to do something more. Our trained Chefs will train those who have always wanted to learn how to cook healthy meals and find enjoyment in feeding others. Come be a part of our Food Festival that is filled with family entertainment, games, comedy, live music, and fellowship with one another. We will have numerous talented Chefs that will be preparing exotic foods to suit your taste buds. Due to economic hardships many people have lost their will to strive and need a little hope, and encouragement in order to live a productive life. If life events have affected you to where you can no longer feed your children and are wondering where your next meal is coming from Project Feed will be visiting your city soon!

We are recruiting talented volunteers to donate their time, and service to this worthy cause. If you have a special talent such as cosmetology, music, dance, art, or any family oriented entertainment skills that you can contribute to this cause, we would love to hear from you. Services of any sort whether it may be security, cleaning services or funds will be greatly appreciated. Visit our Facebook page periodically for updates!

Keep checking back as we grow and fight the hunger that’s here in our own backyard!

June 2014 Update// Currently on hold, although we are accepting as much help as possible. If you’ve a passion for helping others and really want to make a difference in the community, please join us. We are still in search of a venue for our event, which is now going to be a grand opening celebration for the new restaurant of Project Feed: LA’s founder, Teresa Tang. Email if you are interested in aiding our cause.



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