Plewto Smith – Night On Edgewood & Freckled Girl Visual

I challenge you to play this song, without dancing within the first minute or singing along by the end. Plewto Smith’s Night On Edgewood is made for getting us up and moving, or at least bobbing our heads enthusiastically as we watch everyone else from the sidelines. I recommend having this on your end of the summer playlists!
The rapper-turned-singer also released a video for Freckled Girl, from his EP #PUSSY. He is doing episodes of promo in order to assist him with expenses of a Chance The Rapper feature. The video for that might make you laugh, a lot. Show some support for local artists! I think Plewto Smith deserves a Chance…feature. What do you think?

Donate to Plewto’s Chance The Rapper’s Feature

Freckled Girl

Plewto Smith: I Wanna Get On. Episode 1



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