P.R – The Instrumentals

I am a fan of instrumentals. Even before my recent experimentation with meshing my rhymes over them, I have found that a great instrumental can be just as rejuvenating and relatable as a song which I connect to lyrically. I remember listening to beats by producers like Nujabes and J Dilla in high school and discovering then that instrumentals really helped me focus whenever I’d write my own short stories in my spare time, as well as the dreaded essays assigned. I developed an appreciation for instrumentals alone. They mask the ever-going clutter in my mind while the unique instruments lead to all sorts of sounds and scenarios associated when I hear certain things. It is great for creative blocks. Listening to P.R’s (prounounced PdotR) new jam Our Spot led me to the rest of his project, The Instrumentals, and I feel so inspired! Since I am writing a story, it is wonderful to have something fresh and uplifting to stimulate me while I hide away from the world to focus on writing. P.R’s jazzy hip hop styles are some that I’ve followed since my first listen of last year’s EP, Moment In Time.

P.R is the one Sydney based producer who managed to have two of my favorite artists on one song: Cise Star of Cyne and Blu! The two are some other artists I listened to a lot during my odd(er) years in school, and hearing them both on We Will Make It was dreamy. You’ll find more P.R’s vibes through the links below, while I’ve streamed his latest set of Instrumentals here on the Frolic. Relax and enjoy!




★v i b e s★vibrate★vibrating★v i b e s★ This is foR t h e souL .