My Impression of Self-Expression

There exists a little pattern that I’ve payed special attention to lately.
I did not adopt a New Years Resolution until I was asked about it during a party at my cousin’s house this past New Years Eve. I instantly decided to use what had been happening in my life as the answer and I’ve already gathered something from it over the course of this month.

Each year brings something significant across my path that forces me to open myself up a bit more, thus growing bit by bit. There is always a new challenge, a new phase of growth I find myself stepping into. This idea brings me to my topic: expression.
I decided, when asked what my new years resolution was, that I would simply express myself more. Whenever I say this, I mean that I intend to express myself more vocally. I’m aware that I come across as a bit of a mystery. I am observant and attentive to detail and the one who is learning and constantly processing for myself and other beings. There’s a lot of information flowing through me! I’ve got to release it somehow. It only makes sense. This is what lead me to start posting on this blog before I thought myself to be ready for it. I have been feeling exposed ever since.
There’s something deeper to expressing yourself than just releasing energy. It’s a transfer with the universe.

Pay attention and observe your surroundings, but don’t forget to interact. Stay expressive and keep the energy flowing.

I have caught myself wondering if the pattern of cool things that happen to me correlate with the amount of expressing I do. There are times when any sort of obstacle comes up within oneself or from an outside force. We either allow these obstacles to ruin us, or we let them roll off. Lately I have practiced letting these obstacles go immediately, and the result is always worth it. It feels easier not allow these occurrences weigh me down. It’s all what I make it.
I also noticed that while I am calm and expressive in any way, be it by speaking aloud to someone or writing and pretty much anything else that involves a transfer of energy, I am free and I receive positive results. Something I would consider good follows immediately, in some form. I’ve noticed this several times before. It is a strong reminder about the power we humans have over our reality. It is beautiful and fun to play with the effect of expressing yourself, if you care to ponder on it for a while. And it is e a s y, despite how often we forget it. The cosmic frolic felt to be the best place to share this as soon as it came to me. ☮



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