Majay – ROOM 202

I don’t remember how I came across this cool website, but it relates to this post and I’ve had the link to it up for weeks. I’ve been going to for some years now because the sound of rain coating anything is soothing to me. I highly recommend it, especially to play with the wonderful instrumentals on this project. Try it and thank me later. ; )

So, it has been raining in Los Angeles for the past couple of days. While I’ve been playing this new Majay project a lot, I like it even more with this weather. I ran into a few of these guys at a show last month and I was so impressed by their art when I later received the link to ROOM 202. I’m grateful that happened when it did and the way it did!

Keep your eyes and ears out for Majay of Jux Tribe. This project is a well presented glimpse into the admirable mind of one who is determined to make a true impact on music. His flow sounds natural and smooth. You’ll like the way he tells his stories, from his vivid words to the samples and the clips that complete his ideas. This is yet another surprise project that’s become a favorite of mine. By now, it is obvious that I’m a fan of the jazz instrumentals. Certain sounds trigger a special, euphoric feeling in me and I hear a lot of this throughout ROOM 202, most infectiously on Shadows At Night! Some of my other favorite sounds featured are DMT, Estabon, Plug On Luv, and Floss Rarely. Listen for yourself and check out more through the links below!



★v i b e s★vibrate★vibrating★v i b e s★ This is foR t h e souL .