Low Leaf – Set Me Free & Rise Up

Today the fairy is here to deliver something so special in the form of a Filipino beauty called Low Leaf. The first I heard of Low Leaf is from her Giga Gaia ep, which attracts me with just the title itself. Then I felt excited about the discovery because of her writing protrudes beside everything that I was listening to around that time, and presently. There is an authentic, old mysticism about her. If you take a look at her website DIY.com, you’ll get an idea of what I mean. I’m hoping she can manage to stay pure, because music needs this!

She also plays her own harp on stage during her performances.

Here are some new sounds from her project AKASHAALAY to be release next month through Fresh Selects. My current favorite is Rise Up. lowleaf.bandcamp.com for her other releases



★v i b e s★vibrate★vibrating★v i b e s★ This is foR t h e souL .