Little Simz – E.D.G.E. EP

I have replayed E.D.G.E. more times than I remember now. Little Simz caught my attention from a freestyle, but it wasn’t until I came upon clips posted by her management that I decided to listen to more of her work and found myself taking it in all it once. It’s like that sometimes. I am glad that I came upon those clips at that time, because this girl’s flow is phenomenal! You instantly notice that she is not the typical female MC we are presented with by society, these days. For one, she is British and puts no effort into hiding her accent. Little Simz also counters the general aesthetic we see of most female rappers who lean towards the sexy image. She remains fully clothed, letting her detailed and colorful rhymes pull you in to her instead. She joins the ranks of new age female lyricists to emerge as of late.

Enter The Void was an instant favorite with its story-telling properties, while the song E.D.G.E. is the one that locked me in as an infinite supporter of this quality project. Stay has Iman Omari all over the production, while The Hampton’s is a dreamy push to “settle for less and work hard”. That is her as a child rhyming on the opening track, by the way. Time Travels is probably my most repeated replay at the moment. Take a listen for yourself below and enjoy!



★v i b e s★vibrate★vibrating★v i b e s★ This is foR t h e souL .