Light It and Play Me (+Download)

Light It and Play Me is an incredible vibe that I curated especially for those similar to myself. It is an unspoken ritual to light something and jam out to good music. Whether it is with a candle, some incense sticks, Palo Santo, or a pipe stuffed with herbs, I frequently vibe out to some music as I recharge and reflect. You might get this feel while listening to my previous selections, as well. I feel now to be the perfect moment to finally drop this mix—as we head into a new year with expanding perspectives. Both this one and the next mix I’m dropping this week have been a long time coming. I worked on this for months, which I’ll admit a bit ridiculous. My perfectionism can get a bit out of hand, but this blend of chill r&b music and great beats is just right! I split the original playlist into two for the sake of their length, so expect the continuation very soon. Check it out below and share it with your friends. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Download HERE

1. Lose Control (Missy Elliot) Flip – Baccyard
2. Could Neva – RoniCea
3. Never Again (Interlude) Feat. JMSN – Chanksdaddy
4. Infinite – Solace
5. 1989 – Jerome Thomas & Warren Xclnce
6. So High – Mira
8. Play Feat. Sticky Greenz – Abra
9. WATERS (Blue Screens) – DUVV
10. Saviour Feat. Hanz and KSR – AKAY
11. Cyborg Luv Story – lordapex
12. Burn – OSHUN
13. Falling Up – JAHKOY
14. It Ain’t Over Feat. Alexandria – taydex
15. Hope You Know – Elijah Melo
16. This! – Jayd Ink
17. Something Foreign Feat. Schoolboy Q – SiR
18. Future – Movakween
19. Honestly – Tidus
20. Let My Baby Stay (Slowed) – Amandla Stenberg
21. Overstimulated – Jhené Aiko
22. Different High – SUBI x Jenna Suhl
23. What Is Love Feat. SZA by kkingdomm
24. Non-Intentional Feat. Lou Val – K. Forest
25. XTC (Kid Masterpiece Remix) – Tinashe
26. Sweet Baby – LOE
27. So Real Feat. Quelle Chris – Iman Omari
28. Milk – ROSEWATER
29. Might Just Feat. Krs & Kingbnjmn – Naji
30. Jupiter – Kelela
31. Boweryldn Edit 6 15 September – Blood Orange
32. Be You – Peyton
33. Silk & Poetry – Solar



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