I also believe that loVe wiLL take us higher.

(This is one hoodie that stood out to me during Downtown L.A.’s Trayvon Martin Million Hoodie march that I experienced back in March 2012.)

When was the last time someone told you that you remind them of someone else in some way? We are all reflections, but our reaction to our experiences is what truly makes us unique. Everything we absorb and our perceptions become us. There is no one like you and that is the beautiful thing about life! Does that idea leave you with an ache that begs you to get out and experience more of it? Meet more, see more, trade more stories, leave words, create memories, feel, share yourself with some of the world A.K.A. live!

We have to learn to respect each other’s differences.

This is key! Finding our love for ourselves and being able to recognize ourselves in others is what I feel most of the world hasn’t learned or embraced. Who wants to exist in a world where we are all clones of each other? I’d love to hear the perspective of anyone who truly does. Imagine a life where you look around seeing people like you, who think just like one, look just like one. Instead, we all came here in different colors and shapes to form our own perceptions and grow.
All of the animals and plants are different, and yet many function similarly. Each, like us, require a level of food, water, to breathe, and light.
There are even species that we haven’t yet discovered. This is how vast life on this beautiful planet is. Knowing all of this, why waste energy on our differences when we as humans have the special ability to easily identify our similarities and spread love that we are all capable of feeling?

For some reason, I was up for most of the night, doing much thinking and channeling. I’m happy to pass some of it on to you and I hope that it makes you realize that all life on earth is connected. We would be so powerful if we all realized this soon and focused our energy on expanding that connection.

I also want to share that I have decided to flee my comfort zone even more than I thought myself to have done thus far. I have barely managed to touch or even scratch my potential. I am a new born. I will experiment with, as one lovely soul brought to my attention, being RECKLESS. Real reckless. Wish me adventure and loVe! I’ll do the same for you.



★v i b e s★vibrate★vibrating★v i b e s★

This is foR t h e souL .