Princess Nokia drops new album “Metallic Butterfly”

This LP has been one of the most anticipated on my list since I first discovered the electic sound of Nokia as Wavy Space.
Princess Nokia and her producer OWWWLS have managed to perfectly sculpt this extremely visual work with themes that include the power of women, self discovery, defining oneself, culture, raising frequency, and acknowledges that we are all extraordinary beings of light and power. It even begins with Nokia introducing you to the album as a new planet called Metallic Butterfly. This album is a mesh of so many styles, one of my favorites being the trip-hop feel of “Biohazard Butterfly”, although I wouldn’t seriously pin a “fav” after listening thus far. This is one of those albums where you’ll probably have a new favorite every week after listening to it in its entirety, repeatedly. Theme of the summer? I say, YES.

When I first started listening, three songs in I decided to do a more in-depth video review of every song as my first of many video blogs for the frolic, but I’m having issues with my photobooth and all that I’ve recorded came out choppy and annoying. Boo! However, as I work that out, you can stream the entire work from the soundcloud of VICE for the next three days before it’s available for download on her official soundcloud.



★v i b e s★vibrate★vibrating★v i b e s★ This is foR t h e souL .