Eyedress – Shapeshifter LP

After sharing and removing several new songs from soundcloud through-out the year, Eyedress dropped one of my personal favorite albums to be released, Shapeshifter. This album strings together some prodigious features like Edgar The Breathtaker a.k.a. King Krule, Pyramid Vritra, Jasmine, Ankhten Brown, and more who associate with Babe Slayer. I feel Eyedress continues to make whatever he wants, without much concern for the genre and how people are going to take it. Throughout Shapeshifter, he pulls us through a few different soundscapes, making him one of few who do not catering to only one per album. My favorite songs to bump loud are Return Of The Wicca Man, Witch Bitch, Patience Is Better Than Love, The Sexorcist, Trust The Process, Add To The Peace, and You Make Me Feel . The buy-link and the official album stream are below. Enjoy!

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