This week already sounds amazing. I tend to go from not expecting anything to sudden excitement and anticipation over the creator of today’s musical delivery. In about two years, Etta Bond and producer Raf Riley have given us two gems in the form of their projects the Emergency Room EP and Meds EP. Since the first one was dropped, it is a surprise treat to catch the random songs the singer shares via soundcloud, such as the new EP’s closing track. Feels Like created waves and curiosity when it was shared earlier this year, just days before the decided smoker’s holiday on April twentieth. #COOLURBANTALENT is Etta Bond’s offering of the moment that does feature some beautiful, whimsical sounds constructed by the other half of the duo, while being focused on Etta as a solo act. These two together are the perfect collaboration! The project also features production by Chris Loco and the vocals of Delilah, who adds her own soulful magic to what might be my most repeated track for the moment, Bubble.
Through her music and style, I imagine Etta Bond as a new archetype, the girl-next-door who instead of being conventional and story-like, is completely unpredictable and adds an overwhelming splash of color to what would be a drab apartment or neighborhood. Her song-writing flows naturally over interesting production, while the stories shared feel so familiar. She is another artist who I look forward to watch grow creatively with each project. I also look forward to more oDD visuals.

Take a listen to C.U.N.T. below and download it for free, while you can! If this is your introduction to Etta, I highly recommend the other EPs, which are also available on the bandcamp I’ve linked below. Enjoy!



★v i b e s★vibrate★vibrating★v i b e s★ This is foR t h e souL .