Sonnymoon, Lion Babe, Etta Bond & Raf Riley, and inc. dropped some interesting visuals to accompany their songs last year. There are a few singer/producer combinations popping up out there, but I’m looking forward to hearing new things from these four this year. I’m especially anticipating an official release from Lion Babe, as they’ve only revealed a single junglesque groove thus far. I’ve been a fan of Sonnymoon since I first came upon Golden Age years ago and listened to it every morning while on transit. I’ve decided since then that almost anything by Sonnymoon is the the best music to listen to while traveling, whether on a train, or in the clouds. They are simply perfect in motion.
Etta Bond’s lyrics over Raf Riley’s production stirs me in a different way. Etta’s voice is just so classic and diverse. MEDS is definitely my favorite EP of the year because I feel a hint of nostalgia with the old school vibe from it while it still manages to be something I’ve never heard before.
I recall listening to “No World” for hours on end after my very first calm and eerie listen.

All of them are high on my list of acts to see live! If you know any other great new duos, please share them with me below.

Treat Me Like Fire

Every Summer Night

Big Girl’s Vogue




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