Cub-J – Love Abuse

The music I am receiving leaves me energized, like clean, nutritious food. I cannot stress how magical the divine timing is when art reflects what I am experiencing in my own life. We love that, don’t we? The flow continues with this freshness I pass to you today. Love Abuse is some destined collaboration between Chicago rapper Cub-J and up-coming producer Adam Rubman, known as Rubz. The mixtape is Cub-J’s premiere project. In its entirety, I feel it to serve us a story for every form of love, touching on a bit of everything while dwelling on the the common romantic idea the word “love” prompts. This is a creative introduction to the rapper’s writing style and flow as well as the diverse production provided by Rubz.

One of my favorite parts of the mixtape is the fifth track in, a skit called da plug (interlude) in which we are allowed in to a scene of someone (assumed to be Cub-J himself) meeting with a drug dealer. The dealer lists physical types of women he has in supply, instead of substances you’d expect to be ingested by an abuser. When Cub-J asks for something along the lines love, the dealer responds offended, as if love is the one drug too strong and dangerous for him to carry. He even says “You think I’m trying to ruin somebody’s life out here?” This is one genius wrap to tie this project together! Some of my favorite sounds are the intro, Miss Me, Dr. Phil, and B!tch. Enjoy the entire project for yourself with the stream here. I also recommend the other newly released project by Rubz called Rub n’ Alc.



★v i b e s★vibrate★vibrating★v i b e s★ This is foR t h e souL .