Changes and Doctors

Last night, a good friend and I headed to Low End Theory to see some DJ’s and the AMAZING Shafiq Husayn do a set. Low End is an electronic hip hop event that takes place at the Airliner every Wednesday night. Last year I witnessed awesome talent there, including Zeroh and The Internet! If you’re ever in downtown Los Angeles, on a Wednesday, I highly recommend it. The beers are also cheap.

After waking up fairly hungover, my mind was on nothing but today’s appointment with my new doctor. Actually, for a bit my mind was on some new music my friend just put out, as well as a new musical discovery. I even did some more song writing, which seems to be a growing habit of mine. This was a productive distraction from the event that I anticipated for a month. I envisioned the trip to the doctor’s even before I even made the appointment. This is how tense the experience was for me. I’ve honestly feared doctors, probes and examination rooms despite making it this far without any unexpected trips to the E.R. Luckily, I have my mother’s loving and supportive energy to keep me right.
I woke up and thought about everything that has been ingested into my system during the past week and it’s rather funny that I ended up sitting in a doctor’s office for something completely unrelated to it all. I stressed on and off about my reason for the visit and the entire process from the waiting room, to the papers being filled out, and the doctor’s questions all felt s u r r e a l. It was all too real.

I haven’t been prescribed anything since I developed a terrible ear infection in the fourth grade. And today, I have been prescribed medication for the next three months, only to possibly avoid surgery. What a life, right?
I’ll be having my last glass of chardonnay for a while tonight. I do view this as a new phase of growth. As of late, I have been challenged emotionally and I am now being challenged physically. A new journey has fallen on me, it seems. I have no doubts that I will prosper.



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