Brandy Shanice – Eclection

The first I heard of Brandy Shanice was her Mos Def-sampling collaboration with Danny Watts, who happens to have been the subject of my first music-related post here on the Frolic this past January. Like Watts and his other collaborators, she caught my ear tension (see what I did..) immediately. The same song that introduced me to her jazzy vocals now has a spot amongst the beautiful sounds on the debut project she recently released, Eclection.

Brandy Shanice has the sort of voice which pulls you to where she is in an instant. There is so much strength in her delivery that you feel her every word, regardless of your personal connection to it. The project is sewn up with pure soul and sounds as eclectic as the title suggests. I love everything about it. There is an abundance of emotional honesty, skill, passion, and what I prize most: the disregard for whatever the present popular styles are. This is what makes an album potentially classic, to me. It is for everyone to enjoy.
One moment my head is swaying to the flawless and angelic notes like those on the opening track Lyghters, and the next, I’m shaking my shoulders with sass to Home Grown. The very next moment I’m thrown into loops by the poetic delivery on the intimate Volatile Harmony. Then, I’m pumped with vicarious self awareness via Party Anthem. She shows that she can touch anything and style it with her own spirit. I predict a career as colorful and inspirational as this debut from the Houston artist.

Catch her early with the album I’ve streamed and the following links!



★v i b e s★vibrate★vibrating★v i b e s★ This is foR t h e souL .