Beautiful Things Worth Saving Mix (+Download)

For the past couple of cloudy days, I pretended that I am the sun in the lives of those close to me, because it brings such joy to induce joy. The weather on the west coast has not been reflective of the warm, uplifting reputation it has, but we always have many ways to keep warm. Rain is wonderful for getting people to slow down, relax, and reflect.

My new mix Beautiful Things Worth Saving debuted on Staying Underground this Friday, making it easy for me to shine some light into yours. Originally, Mistah Rapsey and I intended to collaborate, but we instead decided to leave this one as it is. I listen to this particular mix frequently since I made it, and I know you will love it as well. The audio clips featured are from The Fifth Element. Let these vibes keep you warm today. Share it with your friends too and keep up with Staying Underground for more new music!

EDIT AUGUST 20th, 2015: Sadly, Staying Underground has been removed from Soundcloud, due to legal issues within the site. I have decided to upload my future mixes to Mixcloud, and you can download this one HERE.


1. Kid Smpl – Haven Dialect
2. Ndeluv – Paintings
3. Dumplings En China- His & Hers
4. Deradoorian – Weed Jam
5. LOE – Beige
6. Iman Omari – Go DJ [Flip]
7. Carlitta Durand – Frankenstein
8. Purple Ferdinand – In My Dreams (Lapalux Remix)
9. VillaBeatz x TiDUS – Heavenly Horns
10. SwuM. – 40Oz.
11. Mizan – Anxious
12. Sayknowledge – Jackmove

Beautiful Things Worth Saving Mix by Stellarfaerie on Mixcloud



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