Let’s be more Sporadic! + Subway Dancers in L.A.

I recently lived a day of random fun with friends I have not seen together since the year started. One of them mentioned, several times, how it seemed that he had not been out in the world for weeks, or more. He works the nightshift. It was funny, because it was like he was experiencing a re-awakening. I also found it amusing how he chose to express this realization as we were walking along the most busiest street in the area, but this is also someone who is always humorous and imaginative. He could easily be a comedian. The same friend had also not been on a train to Hollywood before and was probably the most vocal being on every one we boarded.

We played some arcade games and tried new drinks, and on the way back, two flexible, presumably double-jointed guys randomly put on a show in our train car. I recorded most of it through this mock-VHS app, you can see below. They are really good! I am always impressed by street performers who are ready to put themselves out there to this extent. Meanwhile, I am just trying to keep my balance on my two feet as the train goes.

Every day, I am reminded that life can either feel like a forced balancing act, or just a free flowing ride. When thrown into a wave or river, am I going to fight and panic until I hit or rock, or should I be calm, first? I feel like my subconscious mind knew that my spirit required a day of reminders and conspired with the universe to have me create unplanned memories with my people. I wish it were always like this.

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