cropped-Candace Renee a.k.a. StellarFaerie

Cosmic Frolic is a digital photography and design gallery, a resource for rare up and coming artists, and an uplifting space to reflect on life + lessons + information constantly processed. Eventually, the online store will be opened, featuring my original graphic designs on apparel and photography prints.

Where do you go when you are not distracted by everything the world seems to want us wrapped up in, like stressful jobs and celebrity drama that does not impact our own lives, at all?

I learn and explore through my creativity. I write to experience myself from the outside, before diving back into myself. I also capture photographs and recreate the imagery through the filters of my own mind. I am a self-taught graphic artist, photographer, poet, aspiring author, and eternal thinker. My dream/ultimate goal is to broaden our public perception of love and self-identity through the telling of unique stories with my fiction and images, to connect and capture beautiful souls, grow my poetry, and travel. My constant motivation is expanding my creativity as I explore it.

I hope you recognize a bit of yourself here, be it through my own visuals, words and perceptions, to great music and more extensive musings I feel the world should give attention to. You never know the greatness which can come from sharing yourself with others. Self-expression is the key to self-love. I encourage you to grow with me. Write me via email or on social media!